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ESIP Session on Aggregation

ESIP Session on Aggregation



Tying this session to the overall ESIP-Summer-Meeting theme of "data-driven community resilience," we enlist speakers with expertise on: the diverse ways that large collections of data granules can now or potentially be used for scientific, economic or societal advancement.

We specifically will aim to enlist speakers from communities where important needs for data (such as very long time series, e.g.) may be orthogonal to how the data are collected and stored.

SVN and Trac: Moving to a new machine and upgrading

We moved both Subversion and Trac from one virtual machine running CentOS 5.x to a new VM running CentOS 6.3. We did this because our ISP had, previously, not found it very easy to upgrade CentOS 5 to 6 with svn and trac. Here are the steps we followed to move our (sizable) svn and trac repositories to the new machine. 

Hyrax 1.8.3 - A major rewrite of the HDF5 handler

Release 1.8.3 of Hyrax is for the HDF5 handler rewrite. The HDF Group, under a grant from NASA, have completed a major rewrite of the HDF5 handler for Hyrax. The new software no longer uses compile-time switches; instead it now uses a small set of run-time options. This means one binary distribution is all anyone needs and everyone can experiment with the new features. In short, the new features enable the software to read many more HDF5 files than before and to render them as CF-compliant data.

Matlab command update

We have released an updated version of the loaddap command. This update fixes a few problems with recent versions of Matlab and includes tests that work without an extra, third-party, testing framework. Go to loaddap to get the new release or download to see all of our software downloads.

Hyrax 1.8.2 Update

Hyrax 1.8.2 Update

We have pushed out an update for the Hyrax 1.8 release with fixes for the front end component of the server. All you need to do for this update is grab the OLFS package a Web ARchvie (war) file and drop it into tomcat's webapps directory; no need to restart the server. Get the update from the Hyrax 1.8 release page (where there is more information about the fixes) or here.

Matlab 2012a Includes OPeNDAP Support

Matlab 2012a Includes Built-in Support for OPeNDAP!

Matlab 2012a was released on March 1 and includes the netcdf 4.1.2 library with OPeNDAP support turned on! This means that any OPeNDAP-served dataset that can be read with common netcdf applications (Panoply, Ferret, GrADS, IDV, …) can now be read using Matlab. 

HDF5 handler 1.5.1 Released

I have released a bug fix update for the HDF5 Handler. This update includes fixes for the new H5.IgnoreUnknowTypes option and some (rare) uses of the varying length string type.

Fixing broken URLs

Since moving from the old web site to this one we often get messages from people that say link X is now broken. In almost all cases link X looks like www.opendap.org/someplace/page.html and you've probably noticed that Drupal pages don't end in .html. For example, I got a message that www.opendap.org/download/hyrax.html was broken. The fix for this is to alias the broken URL to the correct Drupal node.

Making an alias

Additions to the Drupal site

I've made a number of additions to the web site, particularly by adding modules that provide custom behavior. At the same time, I'd like to try using a blog to document the new features.
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